Yellow Belt No. 5 One-Step

Thundering Hammerfists

This one-step requires two people, an initiator of the technique (the puncher) and the practitioner (one who executes the technique). The one-step begins with a right reverse punch to the solar plexus.

Counter with a right inward block, then

  1. Execute a right hammerfist punch to the midsection.
  2. Execute a left hammerfist punch to the kidney area.
  3. Execute a right hammerfist punch to the temple.
  4. Grab the back of the neck with your right hand, and pull the aggressor's head forward and down.
  5. Step, with the left leg, into a twist stance (left leg behind right leg) and execute a left base palm rip to the face.
  6. Grab the opponent's shoulder with your left hand (maintaining your grasp of his neck with your right hand) and execute a right knee to the face.

Video of Yellow #5

Yellow Belt No. 5 Take Down

After step 5 (above), continue applying pressure to the neck. As you continue to pull his head forward and down, you should be moving into a kneeling position on your right knee. When he is prone on the floor, apply a finishing technique (punch to head, elbow to back, etc.)

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