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Forever Knight is a show with a dedicated following. Some might even call it a cult show. However, I like to think of it as a television show which touches some place deep inside, helping us to better understand the human condition.

This is the show that won't go away. It began its life as one of the shows in CBS' Crimetime After Primetime. CBS canceled the show to make room for David Letterman. This caused a fan uprising and it was eventually brought back as a syndicated show. This lasted one season and it was canceled again. Then USA Network picked it up, changed some of the cast members, and showed it for one more season.

For the past three years the Sci-Fi Channel was airing Forever Knight. Now Sci-Fi, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to remove FK from it's schedule. As of December 23, 1999 Forever Knight is no longer on an American television station.

We, the dedicated fans, want more Forever Knight. We want FK back on Sci-Fi, we want more episodes, movies, books, soundtrack CD's, T-shirts, coffee mugs, ...etc. You can help to Kickstart the Knight by making your presence known. This site will tell you what you can do.


What's It All About?

GWD Forever Knight is the story of Nick Knight, a vampire and a homicide detect"ive in Toronto. Of course, he works the night shift. The problem is, Nick does not want to be a vampire. Because he was a knight (read:emissary of the Church) during the crusades, Nick is not comfortable with the idea of killing people. He has tried to rationalize this by only killing -and drinking the blood of- people that he did not think were deserving of life (murderers, thieves, etc.). LaCroix, through a brutal trick, taught him that this was hypocritical. He now drinks only cows blood, which he keeps in wine bottles in the fridge. But, still the search for redemption goes on. He has spent centuries trying to find someone who can cure him from the curse of vampirism.

GWD-CD In this life, that "someone" is Natalie Lambert, forensic pathologist. They met when Nick tried to break up a robbery and "someone threw him a pipe bomb for his trouble". Nick woke up on Natalie's examining table and proceeded to wolf down a bag of blood. Natalie, rather than being afraid of him, decided that she could help him to regain his mortality. She is the only mortal who is aware of his dark secret. Because they work so closely together, the relationship has blossomed into a love which they dare not consummate.

GWD-DD Nick met the beautiful vampire, Janette DuCharme, after returning from the Crusades in 1228. She seduced him, then turned him over to her master, Lucien LaCroix. During the Renaissance, Nick and Janette lived as man and wife for 97 years. Now she owns a nightclub in town, the Raven. This is a meeting place for both vampires and mortals, although the human patrons are not aware of their companions' dark secrets. Nick comes here often to see Janette, for both personal and professional reasons.

GWD-NB Of course, there must be conflict. This is seen in the person of Lucien LaCroix, Nick's vampire master. He wants Nick to accept himself as he is -a vampire- and does everything he can to thwart Nick's attempts to become human again. Since the vampire master and his fledglings have a psychic link, LaCroix seems to be aware of what is happening in Nick's life. As the midnight DJ on radio station CERK, he weaves his taunts and barbs into the monologues that he dispenses nightly as "The Nightcrawler".

GWD-JK Since Nick's goal is to be mortal again, he tries to live in the mortal world as a mortal. This is not without its challenges. Nick has human friends and colleagues who must not discover his secret. His "condition" is also a cause of low self-esteem for our "indigenous vampire". He feels that he is inherently evil and not worthy of love.


My Forever Knight Episode Guide

Forever Knight began its life as a Rick Springfield Movie, Nick Knight. When it became a weekly series, the location was changed from LA to Toronto and the Medical Examiner was changed from "Jack" to "Natalie". The only actor to continue his characterization from the movie to the TV show was John Kapelos as Don Schanke.

The Forever Knight Television show ran for 3 seasons.
The first 2 episodes, Dark Knight and Dark Knight: The Second Chapter, were a rewrite of the movie with the aforementioned changes.

There were 22 episodes in the first season, 26 episodes in the second season, and 22 episodes for the third season. This makes a total of 70 episodes produced. The episodes in this guide are listed in production order.

There are two official websites out there, the Sony site and the Sci-Fi Channel site.

The Sony site offers a series timeline, picture gallery, screensavers, and video clips.

The Sci-Fi site offers a Forever Knight Forum, the television schedule for the month, and pictures.


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