Fantasy and Fun

Everyone has a few things that they fantasize about. But not everyone is bold enough to come out and tell everyone exactly what those things are. Well, if you stumbled across this page, you've entered the secret places in my mind. This is where reality stops and fantasy reigns supreme.

My most frequent fantasy revolves around the television show Forever Knight. I have devoted many hours to dreaming of the Knight.

nick He was brought across in 1228
Preyed on humans for their blood
Now, he wants to be mortal again
To repay society for his sins
To emerge from his world of darkness
From his endless....


That handsome fellow in the picture above is Geraint Wyn Davies, a most talented actor. He has been rather active in Canadian television for the past few years. His latest TV show was Black Harbour shot in Nova Scotia, Canada. I threw together a little page with a couple of pictures on it. black harbour

logo Karate is my exercise of choice, and Lung-Fu-Do Karate is my style. A blend of soft and hard Chinese styles, this martial art will equip you to defend yourself in any situation.

Don't leave home without it!

Guess what? I've got grandchildren...Yes, that's right, I AM an old fart and proud of it. Not only do I have grandchildren, but I come from a family of eight children and they all have grandchildren, too. When we get together it sounds like Grand Central Station. Check out this page if you'd like to see some family pictures.

And on and on it goes.
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