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First Season

Geraint Wyn Davies
is Nick Knight

Nigel Bennett
is Lucien Lacroix

Deborah Duchene
is Janette DuCharme

Catherine Disher
is Natalie Lambert

John Kapelos
is Don Schanke

Gary Farmer
is Captain Stonetree


First Season Episodes

Season 1 gave us our first glimpse of the vampires we know and love: Nick, the vampire homicide cop searching for redemption; LaCroix, the dark master (who was seen only in flashbacks after the Dark Knight episodes); and Janette, Nick's vampire lover and owner of the Raven. The county coroner, Natalie Lambert, is doing her utmost to help Nick find a cure. She may have an ulterior motive. Don Schanke, the souvlaki-loving, wise-cracking partner is thrown in for comic relief. Captain Stonetree is the somewhat quirky superior officer.

Dark Knight
DK1 Someone is killing homeless people. A museum guard is killed and a jade Mayan cup, thought to be a cure for vampirism, is stolen. While investigating, Nick becomes attracted to the museum curator. Nick suspects LaCroix may be involved in the killings. This is our first "flying vampire" sighting.
FB: Nick is brought across in 1228.

Dark Knight: The Second Chapter
DK2 Nick confronts LaCroix and has to make an important choice. Schanke takes the Caddy for a spin. Nick and LaCroix have a "final confrontation" at the loft.
FB: Nick makes his first kill; asks LaCroix to take his "gift" back.

For I Have Sinned
FIHS A religious fanatic is killing women from a local parish. The parish priest may have some knowledge, but his religious beliefs prevent him from telling the police. Nick and Schanke go undercover at the church to try and catch the killer. Schanke goes to confession.
FB: Nick meets Joan of Arc. She refuses his offer of eternal life.

Last Act
LA A doctor has, from all indications, committed suicide, but Nick is not convinced. An "old friend" of Nick's watches the sun rise. This causes Nick to rethink his contribution to society.
FB: Nick and Erica practice swordsmanship.

Dance By The Light of the Moon
DBLOTM A friend of Stonetree's is a killer/victim in a double murder. A beautiful young woman is getting men to commit crimes for her. Nick is caught in her spell, or is he?
FB: Nick meets the beautiful vampire Janette and is seduced by her. She turns him over to LaCroix.

Dying To Know You
DTKY A psychic is enlisted to help find a philanthropist's wife and daughter. She senses Nick's dark side, but thinks she is going crazy. To save her sanity, Nick confesses to her that he is a vampire.
FB: Matthew, a deeply religious man, sees Nick flying and thinks he is either going crazy or possessed.

False Witness
FW Nick lies about having seen a crime. He becomes the precinct's hero and the prosecution's star witness. He must then answer the question of which is more important, telling the truth or nailing a criminal.
FB: Nick, Janette, and LaCroix are listening to musicians. Later, a violinist is found dead and another musician is blamed for the death. Nick knows the truth about the killing, but no one will believe him.

Cherry Blossoms
CB Gangster-types open fire on a taxicab full of illegal Chinese immigrants. An acupuncturist is hiding and treating the only survivor. When the gangsters show up, Nick saves her, but puts his own life in danger.
FB: An acupuncturist is trying to reverse Nick's condition when Janette and LaCroix show up. The acupuncturist's young son sees his mother killed and thinks that Nick is responsible.

I Will Repay
I WILL REPAY Natalie's brother walks into a hostage situation at the precinct and is gravely wounded. Nick is coerced into "bringing him across". The results are disastrous for all concerned.
FB: Nick finds a leper on the beach and brings her across. She seeks revenge on those who cast her out.

Dead Air
Dead Air A serial killer is calling a radio "shrink" to talk about his murders. The psychiatrist tries to help Nick and Schanke find him.
FB: LaCroix and Janette get great pleasure in torturing and killing an unfortunate who happens to look like LaCroix's father. Nick finds the entire scene revolting.

HUNTERS Schanke's former partner is killed and Schanke is next in line. Nick thinks that the killer may be a cop. Schanke goes into hiding at the Raven.
FB: Nick, Janette, and LaCroix are chased into a barn by vampire hunters. Survival instincts take over and Nick goes into action.

Dead Issue
DEAD ISSUE The wife of the former police commisioner is implicated in, then absolved of, a murder and Stonetree wants it declared a dead issue. Nick puts his job in jeopardy by continuing to investigate.
FB: Nick and Ilsa are nude models for a master painter. Ilsa feels that she is inherently evil and wants Nick to kill her to put her out of her misery.

Father Figure
FATHER FIGURE A streetwise young girl witnesses a murder and is put in protective custody. Nick takes her to the loft where the murderers try to break in.
FB: Nick, Janette, and LaCroix befriend a young boy during World War II.

Spin Doctor
SD A mayoral race turns deadly when a reporter, who is threatening to reveal information detrimental to one of the candidates, is found dead. Natalie and Schanke let their political beliefs cloud their judgement.
FB: Nick is an Associate Professor of Archaeology at the University of Chicago in 1954 when he is accused of being a communist sympathizer.

Dying For Fame
DFF A dead man is found in the bed of a controversial rock star. She is tired of life in the fast lane and confesses to the killing. Nick gives her the freedom she desires.
FB: Nick is a rock star with the "Grateful Dead", complete with guitar. See Nick and LaCroix in leather.

Only The Lonely
OTL A serial rapist/murderer is on the loose. Natalie finds a new boyfriend for her 30th birthday; Nick is jealous, but tries not to let her know.
FB: Natalie is working late on her 28th birthday when they bring in a pipe-bombing victim in a body bag. When she opens it, out pops Nick, and he is hungry.

Unreality TV
UTV A TV crew (a la COPS) ride with Nick and Schanke as they track a killer. Nick is captured on film using his vampiric powers. The Enforcers come to take care of the situation.
FB: Nick is a medic during the Civil War. LaCroix is feeding on the wounded and dying; a photographer takes a picture and he won't destroy it.

Feeding The Beast
FTB Members of a 12-step program are being killed. Nick goes undercover to catch the killer and seeks assistance with his "addiction" from one of the members.
FB: No Flashbacks, but dream-like sequences with LaCroix taunting and tempting Nick to fall off the wagon.

If Looks Could Kill
ILCK A young woman is killed while attempting to steal cosmetics. By the time she gets to the morgue, she has aged considerably. While investigating, Nick finds several young women, who all work at a spa, are starting to exhibit violent tendencies.
FB: A baroness, afraid of losing her beauty and her husband, asks Nick to bring her across. Nick refuses, but...

Fatal Mistake
FATAL MISTAKE Stonetree kills one of two suspects in a convenience store robbery, but he appears to have been unarmed. The other suspect wants revenge. Nick thinks he is seeing a ghost from his past.
FB: Nick has his way with a willing tavern wench. He "couldn't stop" and believes that he has killed her, but...

1966 A gunman, holding Natalie and the rest of the precinct hostage, wants his brother to be released.
FB: Nick is in East Berlin in 1966 searching for the ancient book of cures, the Abarrat. He meets a family looking for a way to escape to the west. They decide to help each other. LaCroix shows up.

Love You To Death
LYTD A model is found dead in the park. Another disappears; she bears an uncanny resemblance to someone from Nick's past.
FB: Nick is infatuated with a ballet dancer, who he sees as being pure. LaCroix convinces him otherwise. When confronted with his hypocrisy, Nick makes a life-altering decision.

As the season ends, we are left with a very ominous scene: LaCroix, very much alive, is savoring his latest victim and looking in the direction of Nick's loft.


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