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Second Season

Geraint Wyn Davies
is Nick Knight

Nigel Bennett
is Lucien Lacroix

Deborah Duchene
is Janette DuCharme

Catherine Disher
is Natalie Lambert

John Kapelos
is Don Schanke

Natsuko Ohama
is Captain Cohen


Second Season Episodes

For the second season, there was only one cast change. Since Nick and Schanke transferred to the 96th Precinct, they must answer to a new captain - Captain Cohen, a no-nonsense, by-the-book commanding officer. The second season also brought the return of LaCroix in the flesh. He was "much too old and powerful" to be killed by being staked and burned. He's back and causing trouble for Nick.

During this season we learn a little bit more about the other cast members. We see LaCroix as a Roman General before being brought across; we see Janette as a young woman being forced to work in a brothel; and we see Don Schanke as more than just a smart-mouth cop - he is a devoted family man. Meanwhile, Nick and Natalie still are searching for the cure.


Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct LaCroix returns to wreak havoc in Nick's life. Nick is framed for murder; Schanke and Natalie work to prove his innocence and find the real killer.
FB: LaCroix teaches Nick to find him by using his vampiric senses.

A Fate Worse Than Death
FWTD A prostitute is found murdered in a hotel room; her pimp is the prime suspect. Janette and Nick try to help another prostitute escape from his control.
FB: Janette is forced to work in a brothel. She meets LaCroix and is brought across.

Stranger Than Fiction
STF An author of vampire books, in town for book-signing tour, is attacked by a vampire. While protecting her, Nick finds himself attracted to her.
FB: While reading the latest vampire book, Natalie, Schanke, and Nick imagine themselves as various characters.

Bad Blood
Bad Blood An inspector who survived a vampire attack as a child arrives in Toronto to investigate a series of brutal murders.
FB: LaCroix feeds on a barber in London's East End. The man's evil infects LaCroix; LaCroix asks Nicholas to go back and make sure the man is dead, but Nick refuses.

Forward Into The Past
FITP Nick recognizes the victim of a torture/murder as the secretary to a woman he helped to disapppear shortly after WWII. He must find her before the killer does. Aristotle appears in this episode.
FB: A woman's husband has been killed and she fears that she is next. Nick asks Aristotle to help her find a new identity.

Capital Offense
CO A convicted axe-murderess has escaped from custody and is captured in Toronto. Nick believes that she is being framed.
FB: Nick is chased by vicious golden retrievers and vampire hunters; he takes refuge in a convent where a nun comes to his aid.

HUNTED Someone wants to escalate the thrills of killing, sees Nick in action, and considers him to be "the most dangerous game". She kidnaps Schanke to ensure that Nick will play the game.
FB: LaCroix wants Nick and Janette to feel the thrill of hunting the hunter.

Faithful Followers
FAFO Nick goes undercover at a religious cult to investigate a death. Schanke and Natalie become concerned when he doesn't maintain contact. Natalie goes in after him.
FB: On an archaeological dig in Egypt, an old friend of Nick's confesses that he is searching for a cure for his vampirism. He wants Nick to persuade an archaeologist to come to the site to interpret some scrolls he has found.

Undue Process
Undue Process Natalie's goddaughter is kidnapped and murdered. The suspect is captured, but dies while in Nick and Schanke's custody. The results of the autopsy report generated by an outside ME do not add up.
FB: Nick is accused of murder and hanged by a vigilante mob. After he revives, he seeks revenge on his killers.

Father's Day
Fathers Day The grandson of an aging mobster doesn't want to take over the family business. His grandfather is afraid that he will turn "state's evidence" and wants him out of the picture.
FB: Nick tries to escape from LaCroix's control by coming to North America. A local mobster helps him to relocate.

Can't Run, Can't Hide
CRCH "The Cleanup Crew", a platoon of soldiers from the Vietnam War, are being systematically hunted down and killed. A well-respected youth leader seems to be involved.
FB: Nick is a medic in Vietnam when he comes across a strange symbol and a platoon of soldiers who are hunting the Viet Cong.

Near Death
Near Death A scientist investigating near-death experiences is found dead. Nick thinks he can use this method to reverse his decision to become a vampire.
FB: At the time he was brought across Nick made a choice to become a vampire; the seduction of immortality was too great. Nick in the "see-through nightie" is not to be missed.

Crazy Love
Crazy Love A sexual serial killer has escaped from a mental hospital and is killing the women that he met at the hospital. Nick tries, with the aid of a psychiatrist, to get inside the killer's mind and anticipate his next move.
FB: Nick is having an affair of sorts with a wealthy merchant's daughter who would "happily die drained" in his arms. He struggles to control the urge to possess totally.

Baby, Baby
Baby Baby Nick is investigating a death at a steel mill when he encounters Serena, a woman he mistakenly brought across. She is trying to become mortal by using a violent co-worker and an old legend.
FB: Nick meets Serena, an independent woman wearing men's clothes, who wants what Nick can give her - immortality. Nick thinks this means "vampirism", what Serena really means is "have a baby".

Partners of the Month
Partners While Nick and Schanke are investigating the possible murder of a two-timing husband, Schanke leaves Myra and moves in with Nick. This creates friction between the two partners and Schanke goes to the Raven to drown his sorrows.
FB: Nick and Janette have been living as husband and wife for 97 years when she gets bored and decides to move on. Nick is heartbroken.

The Fire Inside
Fire Inside A crazed killer wielding a flame-thrower is killing the homeless on the streets and in the sewers of Toronto. Even though the flames can destroy him, Nick must confront both the killer and his fear.
FB: Nick, Janette, and LaCroix are staying over in a house used by the underground railroad. Two fugitive slaves show up followed by vigilantes intent on taking them back, dead or alive.

Amateur Night
Amateur Night An actress wants her films to be more realistic. To get a feel for real police work, she tags along with Nick and Schanke. She gets in over her head when she confuses movies with real life.
FB: Nick moves to Chicago and takes a job in the police department. He tells his superior officer that he has had experience with the Scotland police department, but it is obvious that he still has much to learn.

The Fix
Fix One of Schanke's detective/bowling buddies commits suicide. Natalie thinks she may have a cure for Nick, but he becomes addicted to it and his behavior becomes violent and erratic.
FB: Nick is paying a "resurrection doctor" to cure his vampirism. Janette is concerned that he is a charlatan, interested in Nick only as a prize.

Curiouser and Curiouser
C and C After a woman is killed during a robbery at the Raven, Nick believes that he is responsible. His guilt causes the world that he knows to be turned topsy-turvy.
FB: Shortly after he is brought across, Nick begins to feel remorse at killing people. LaCroix counsels him to leave these feelings behind or they will cause trouble.

Beyond the Law
Beyond the Law Women are being violently murdered and all the clues point to a man who may have diplomatic immunity.
FB: Nick is working security for a charismatic politician when one of the workers commits suicide.

Queen of Harps
Queen of Harps An antique harp "from before" goes to auction. Nick will stop at nothing, even breaking the law, to get it.
FB: Nick is sent as an emissary of the church to convert the pagans. He meets a Celtic harpist and falls in love. When she is killed, Nick is accused of the murder and sent away to the crusades to escape judgement.

Close Call
Close Call Schanke is forced to shoot a suspect after Nick swoops onto the scene. He goes back to the station where he begins to put two and two together. He determines that Nick is a vampire and goes to LaCroix for confirmation.
FB: Schanke remembers all of Nick's odd behaviour since they have become partners.

Be My Valentine
Be My Valentine After driving around thinking "about me, about you, about us", Nick decides to tell Natalie how he feels. However, LaCroix has been doing some thinking too. He decides that it is time for Nick to repay an old debt.
FB: After the Crusades are over, and after Nick has become a vampire, he brings Janette and LaCroix home to meet his mortal family. LaCroix falls in love with Nick's sister, Fleur, and wants to bring her across.

The Code
The Code Schanke's old childhood friend come to Toronto, promising Schanke a new job in Scottsdale. Meanwhile Nick and Schanke are investigating a series of deaths seemingly linked to an over-the-counter drug.
FB: Nick is befriended by a bounty hunter hot on the trail of a trio looking suspiciously like Nick, Janette, and LaCroix.

A More Permanent Hell
AMPH A group of scientists discover that the earth will soon be hit by a large asteroid. People start to panic, vampires start to run amok. Natalie asks Nick to bring her across, but he refuses.
FB: LaCroix, a general in the Roman army is home on leave when Vesuvius erupts. To escape certain death, he allows his daughter, Divia, to bring him across.

Blood Money
Blood Money The financier who controlled disbursements for the DeBrabant Foundation is murdered. Someone electronically transfers Nick's fortune out of his account and Nick must find it.
FB: Nick and an accomplice kidnap the dauphin (the king's son), hold him for ransom, then kill him when the ransom is paid.


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