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nick My name is Nick Knight and I'm a police detective working the night shift in the city of Toronto, Canada. To learn more about me, my home, my friends, and my job just select a topic at the left. And, thanks for stopping by.

My Home
toronto toronto dawn I live in the warehouse district, near the Toronto Skydome, at 101 Gateway Lane.
home warehouse garage I park my vintage 1962 Cadillac convertible on the lower level and, after entering a code, take the elevator up to my apartment.

My fortress of solitude, which I affectionately call "the loft" is really just one large room on two levels. It's been called a "high tech dungeon of doom" because I have an affinity for electronic toys, so the place is full of remotes. Let's see, there's a remote for the blinds (did I mention that I have an 'allergy' to the sun?), and remotes for the stereo system and the many television sets, not to mention the fireplace.

You could say that my decorating style is eclectic. Not everybody's house has priceless antiques, a Norton Commando motorcycle and a grand piano displayed side by side. But then not everyone has lived as long as I have and acquired as many interests.

loft REMOTE norton
piano fireplace

My Life
I like to paint, and my paints and unfinished canvasses can be found around the place on tables and easels. On weekends I sometimes even find the time to bottle my own "wine".
painting filling bottles sitting on ledge I find that being single and living alone gives one plenty of time to reflect on the larger issues in life. It also provides time to practice chess, piano, reading tarot cards, and indoor sports (such as baseball and golf). Oh, and did I mention the fireplace. Some people can't believe that I would actually drag the thing with me from place to place. But the darned thing has memories for me and, like I said, I'm a contemplative kind of guy.
playing chess golf tarot
baseball fireplace newspaper

Friends and Lovers
Don't come over unannounced and expect me to have food around the place, though. I'm not home much, so there's not much to eat here, and definitely no garlic, the stuff makes me sick. You see, I am on a liquid diet. About all you'll find is some bottles of "red wine" (left over from a party) in the fridge and maybe some frozen "spaghetti sauce" in the freezer. garlic wine bottles
spaghetti sauce? huh?

But, I have friends. My former partner, Don Schanke, was always offering to buy souvlaki or donuts for me. Once, when he left Myra, he even came over to my place with pizza and beer. Then, the next morning he fixed me eggs and coffee for breakfast. Ugh!

pizza sulking burger
eggs and bacon drink

Then there was Natalie Lambert, the county coroner. She was always fixing me dinner or she'd whip me up a little something in her lab downtown. Once, when I was in jail, she even smuggled a little something in for me.

Speaking of Natalie, we were working together to help me overcome a condition that I have. Of course, this led to a certain closeness and we developed a very complicated relationship. We were very good friends; she would come over and fix dinner, or we would just stay home and watch videos. She had the access code to my loft and she could come over any time she wanted to. But I always had to control myself when she was around - mustn't get too close. After all, I could hurt her. But I'm a man and Natalie is a beautiful woman...things do happen, even if it is sometimes in my dreams. Maybe I shouldn't have listened to her...I just should have been more careful. in lab in car
niq dream curious dream
bmv last knight

at nick's loft at raven One of my other friends, Janette duCharme, owned a little club called the Raven. You may have heard of the place, a little "push the envelope" kind of club that caters to a different kind of clientele. I'd stop in when I was spending too much time on the job and Janette would help me "ease my burden". We go back a long way - we were lovers at one time, but she thought I was smothering her so she left me. I'm not really sure that I ever got over her completely; I would still go to see her when things got too intense. She has always been a shelter from the storm for me, someone I don't have to control myself around, but she sold the club to Lucien Lacroix and moved on. Last I heard she was in Montreal.
at waterfront leaving
in the back room forever friends

Aside from Natalie, Janette, and Schanke, I had many other friends during my stay in Toronto. But my oldest friend, by far, is Lucien LaCroix. We have a very intense "love-hate" type of relationship. He is sort of like my brother, my father, my master, and my closest friend rolled into one. He and Janette are really the only family that I have. No matter where I go he seems to be there, if only in spirit. He always seems to know what I'm thinking, what I'm doing, and where I'm going. He was living in Toronto, working nights as a disk jockey for CERK radio, and broadcasting from a back room at the Raven. Those nightly monologues of his always seems to be directed right at me. But he's moved on now. I'm not sure where he is, but I'm sure we'll cross paths again. you left out freedom good choice nicholas
if you need me... then i am a monster
angry lc im trying to help you

My Job
in the hallway i'm putting the gun away the rookie I am a homicide detective in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I got my start in law enforcement while I was living in Scotland, then I worked in Chicago for a while and now I'm in Toronto. I guess working as a cop is a way that I can help people and help myself at the same time. I haven't always lived the way I should and this gives me a way to repay society for my past sins.
Nick plays rough you're under arrest you're a killer
don't shoot i'll go around just my lips are moving

There's more to police work than car chases and shootouts. There's a lot of legwork - the investigation of the crime and interviewing of suspects - before the arrest is made. There is evidence to uncover and paperwork to file. Still the job isn't done until the perp has had his day in court and is behind bars. The good citizens of Toronto can sleep better knowing that we are out there on the job - serving and protecting. my name plate doing the paperwork
the way it works is... do you, Nick Knight...

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