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Black Harbour

Black Harbour is the story of a successful Los Angeles restauranteur, her husband (a not-so-successful Los Angeles movie director), and their children. They come to Black Harbour, a small Nova Scotian fishing community, due to a family illness and decide to stay. The show recounts the trials and tribulations of this family and the people whose lives they touch.

So, you may ask, how does Ger figure into this? Well, he plays Nick Haskell, the director. He's a man with a failing career, a shaky marriage, and a little bit of an alcohol problem. He sees the move as a way to start over, just leave LA and all of his problems behind, but he really doesn't fit in - his citified ways do not sit right with the people of Black Harbour. He also does not count on working side-by-side with his wife's ex-lover.

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