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Be My Valentine...A delight for those who wanted to see Nick and Natalie finally show their feelings for each other. Handholding, loving gazes, kisses, everything Natalie ever dreamed of but she'll never remember any of it.

In the flashbacks, we get to see LaCroix's cold, still heart warmed by the effects of love and we learn of the deal that Nick made to spare his sister...a deal that will come back to haunt him.

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Nick Knight................................................Geraint Wyn Davies
Natalie Lambert..........................................Catherine Disher
Don Schanke..............................................John Kapelos
Captain Cohen............................................Natsuko Ohama
Janette DuCharme.......................................Deborah Duchene
Lucien LaCroix...........................................Nigel Bennett

Guest Cast
Fleur..........................................................Claire Rankin
Stan...........................................................Marvin Karon

A woman comes home with an armload of books. Checking her mail, she finds a Valentine's Day card and sits down to read it. The last line of the poem sems to be missing and she turns the card over to see if it is on the back of the card. Then, to her horror, she sees the last line of the poem scrawled over the mantle. She starts to flee the apartment when an unknown assailant attacks and kills her.

lacroix Valentine's Day is a time when one's thoughts turn to love and LaCroix is no exception. He is thinking back on Nick's sister Fleur, his own lost love, as he delivers a somewhat gloomy monologue on love and loss.

pillbox Nick and Natalie are at Nick's loft listening to LaCroix as Natalie takes a few of Nick's cells to study. Concerned that he doesn't seem to be responding to the vitamin supplements, she proposes that they double the dosage. Nick confesses that the problem may not be with the vitamins; he forgets to take them. In an effort to encourage him, Nat gives him a silver pill box...platonic, of course.

Nick's phone rings and Nat's beeper goes off signalling that it's time to go to work. At the crime scene, Nick is examining the evidence when he gets that faraway look on his face and is transported via flashback into the early 13th century.

nick and fleur Flashback:
Nick has been off to the crusades and now has come back, along with LaCroix and Janette, to visit his family. LaCroix, burned by the sun and angry with Nick for stopping, insists that he "get on with it".
Nick greets his sister and mother warmly and promises to tell all after they get some rest. Fleur sees that LaCroix is injured and when he starts to pass out, she helps him to his feet.

Back at the crime scene, Cohen observes that this crime has the same M.O. as two homicides in Montreal. She wants this solved before February 14th - just two days away.

nick and schanke Schanke bemoans the fact that Valentine's Day is so close to Christmas and he has to call the travel agent. Without talking to Myra, he has decided to change their vacation destination from Hawaii to Vegas. When Nick presses him, he says that women don't know what they want. Nick offers that maybe women want a man who isn't afraid to express his love. Nick then offers to walk Natalie to her car but, unbeknownst to them, they are being watched.

in the garden Flashback:
Fleur is in the garden contemplating the heavens when LaCroix enters. They exchange words of adiration and LaCroix reaches over and plucks a white rose for her. It pricks her finger as she takes it and LaCroix sucks the blood from her hand. Nick and Janette interrupt to let them know that dinner is ready.

for my skin condition Cohen gives the psych profile of the Valentine killer to Nick and Schanke. Then they are off to the morgue to see Nat. When Schanke leaves to call Myra, Nick takes the opportunity to let Nat know that he senses that this case is really getting to her. She gets beeped and has to go. Nick asks if she'll be home later.
Nick confronts LaCroix concerning his intentions regarding Fleur. LaCroix confesses his growing feelings for Nick's sister and Nick responds with LaCroix's own words "Let go your mortal bonds".

about you..about me..about us Natalie comes home with an armload of groceries, puts one bag on the floor and opens the door. When she returns for the other bag Nick's sudden presence startles her. He says he has been driving and thinking "about nothing...about everything...about me...about you...about us".

what are we gonna do? LaCroix and Fleur are discussing their common passion for the study of the heavens. This soon leads into an expression of their growing passion for each other.

Nick asks Natalie what they should do about their growing feelings for each other, then kisses her. All the while LaCroix is watching from the shadows below their window.

There has been another victim of the Valentine killer. Her fiance is distraught and Nick reflects that "love is hard enough to find and to lose it this way..."

Nick enters the garden as Fleur is asking LaCroix to take her with him. He vamps out intending to bring her across when Nick flies in and exposes their condition to her. Fleur begs Nick to let her be with LaCroix but Nick won't hear of it.

apprehending the suspect Our detectives have uncovered a link to the murders - all the women spent a lot of time doing research at the University Library - so off they go to find someone at the library who has recently moved from Montreal. When Schanke confronts him, he takes a woman hostage and attempts to flee. Nick grabs him from behind and disarms him.
LaCroix wonders how such "a cold, still heart could feel such pain". Nick tells LaCroix that it is the beauty of Fleur's innocence that he loves and "if you truly love Fleur, you will not destroy that".

how can we know Back at the precinct, Cohen and Schanke are questioning the suspect as Nick and Natalie listen in. Nat questions how one can tell if love is real or just an illusion. But she is not afraid of entering into this relationship with Nick. As Nick gazes tenderly at her, Natalie tells him that he should go home before the sun comes up. As they leave we see LaCroix watching them from inside the station.

Schanke delivers to Natalie a dozen white roses and an invitation to dine at Azure from " a gentleman of the Thirteenth Century". He asks Natalie if she has heard from Myra - he can't contact her by phone.

lucien lacroix Natalie enters the empty restaurant and is escorted to a table where an unknown gentleman is seated. He introduces himself and acknowledges that he has bought out the entire restaurant in her honor so that they can get to know each other. They exchange compliments and LaCroix suggests that they talk about love.

Nick is trying to get in touch with Nat, but she isn't home. Schanke calls Nick to ask if Myra called to leave a message on the machine at work - he can't find her and they have a flight to Vegas in the morning.

are we agreed Nick goes to the lab looking for Nat, sees the roses, reads the card, and realizes that LaCroix is collecting an old debt.

Flashback: Nick makes Fleur forget about LaCroix and promises that her life will be good after they leave. LaCroix promises that he will have his retribution if Nick ever falls in love with a mortal. Nick agrees.

ready to bite LaCroix obviously has Natalie in his spell as he pours champagne and talks of love - her love of Nicholas and Nick's expression of love for her. He cautions her that Nicholas' "so called condition" might be the quality that she adores. She is totally mesmerized as he removes her jacket and pulls back her hair to expose her throat. Then he bares his fangs and prepares to bite her.

i don't love this woman Nick flies in and interrupts them just in time. He reminds LaCroix that he has promised to stay out of Nick's life. LaCroix tells Nick that he has come to collect what was promised to him - to either take the mortal that Nick loves or deprive that mortal of Nicholas. Nick determines to convince laCroix that he doesn't love Natalie, he is just humoring her because she is working on a cure. LaCroix calls his bluff and demands that Nick bring Nat over. Nick starts to comply, but LaCroix stops him. He doesn't believe that Nick would bring over someone that he truly loves. When he flies away, Nick holds Natalie tightly and breathes a huge sigh of relief.

we had a really good time Nick is sitting at his desk. The phone rings - it is Schanke calling from Honolulu. Myra sent him plane tickets and met him at the airport. But he has scheduled a poker game for the following night, so if anyone calls the station...

Natalie stops by to find out how the previous evening went. It seems she can't remember anything between the time she arrived at the restaurant and the time he dropped her off in the cab. Nick convinces her that they had a really good time and that they should do it again.

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