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Forever Knight began its life as a Rick Springfield Movie, Nick Knight. When it became a weekly series, the location was changed from LA to Toronto and the Medical Examiner was changed from "Jack" to "Natalie". The only actor to continue his characterization from the movie to the TV show was John Kapelos as Don Schanke.

The Forever Knight Television show ran for 3 seasons.
The first 2 episodes, Dark Knight and Dark Knight: The Second Chapter, were a rewrite of the movie with the aforementioned changes.

There were 22 episodes in the first season, 26 episodes in second season, and 22 episodes for third season. This makes a total of 70 episodes produced. The episodes in this guide are listed in production order.

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The Approach Used

What you find here is not an in-depth treatment, by any means. This is for those among us who don't want to know the director, producer, cast member's names, etc. I have attempted to keep the descriptions brief and vague in case the reader has not seen the episode. Sorta like a teaser. It is meant to profile the episode and flashback sequences only. (It's also an excuse to plaster pictures of Ger all over the page.) I have tried to keep my personal interpretations and opinions out of it. See my links for other more detailed episode guides. This is....
Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.

At the beginning of each season review is an animation of a scene from one of that season's shows along with pictures of the cast from that season. Plus, on a regular basis, I will pick one episode to look at more thoroughly.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy while I unfold, through images and the written word, the phenomenon that was Forever Knight.

Enjoy!!! and stop back often.


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