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Third Season

Geraint Wyn Davies
is Nick Knight

Nigel Bennett
is Lucien Lacroix

Catherine Disher
is Natalie Lambert

Ben Bass
is Javier Vachon

Lisa Ryder
is Tracy Vetter

Blu Mankuma
is Capt. Reese

Forever Knight
Third Season Episodes

The Third Season introduces a new supporting cast of characters. Nick and his eternal nemesis LaCroix are still in town, but Janette has sold the Raven to LaCroix and "moved on" from Toronto to parts unknown. Schanke and Cohen are killed in a plane crash at the hands of a serial bomber. A new captain, Joe Reese, takes over the 96th Precinct night shift. Nick's new partner is at the scene of the crash with Captain Reese when she finds a "survivor", vampire Javier Vachon, who has his own crew of vampires in town. Needless to say, Nick and Natalie are still searching for a cure.


Black Buddha, Part I
Black Buddah I A bomb explodes aboard an airplane killing Schanke and Capt. Cohen. Nick's new partner, Tracy, meets members of the vampire community.
FB: Nick is aboard the Titanic. He meets a wealthy woman who promises to give him a statue which will grant one wish, if he will bring her across.

Black Buddha, Part II
Black Buddah 2 The investigation of the bombing continues, meanwhile Tracy has met a "normal" man. Nick convinces Vachon that he must protect Tracy.
FB: Vachon and the Inca are brought across by their master who quickly gives them instructions and then walks into the sun.

Outside the Lines
Outside the Lines A woman is murdered in a nightclub. An undercover cop, who just happens to be a childhood friend of Tracy, is at the scene. His investigational tactics are questioned by Nick and Reese.
FB: Nick is a resistance worker in WWII Germany. Someone has given information to the Nazis which result in the death of most of the group. Suspicion falls on a man with less than a stellar background.

Blackwing An Indian activist, who may have an important document, is killed. His granddaughter is wakened on a spiritual level and decides that she can help Nick.
FB: Vachon is fighting in the Indian wars when a treaty is signed with the Missisauga Indians.

Blind Faith
Blind Faith Tracy's former sorority sister is slowly going blind because of Multiple Sclerosis. While walking home from work one night, her seeing-eye dog is brought across by a carouche in the park. Meanwhile Tracy and Nick are tracking a serial rapist and think that the dog may be involved.
FB: Nick is living alone in the woods when he befriends a dog. LaCroix has a carouche bring the dog across and mayhem ensues.

My Boyfriend is a Vampire
My Boyfriend... A series of murders is linked to a syndicated talk show after a guest alleges that her boyfriend is a vampire. Natalie watches the show and decides that it is time to give up on Nick.
FB: Vachon, Screed, and Bourbon have their way with tavern wenches.

Hearts Of Darkness
Hearts of Darkness A woman wakes up in the bedroom of a murdered man. Tracy and Nick suspect that a vampire has committed the murder and tried to frame the woman.
FB: Urs meets Vachon for the first time. She asks him to kill her, he brings her across.

Trophy Girl
Trophy Girl Tracy shoots and kills a suspect; she gets a 3-day leave of absence. Nick is investigating serial murder/mutilation and Tracy goes undercover at an escort agency to prove that she "is a good cop".
FB: LaCroix has been sweetening up a young lady by feeding her milk and honey. Nick wants to save her from her fate, but ends up killing her himself. LaCroix is not happy.

Let No Man Tear Asunder
Let No Man Tear Asunder Healthy people are being murdered and their organs are being harvested for transplant. Natalie goes into the hospital for a knee operation.
FB: An aspiring young opera singer is trampled by a horse that senses Nick's vampiric condition.

Night In Question
Night In Question Nick is shot in the head and pronounced dead at the hospital. Natalie and LaCroix must act fast to avert suspicion as Nick recovers. Nick physically recovers but has amnesia and Natalie doesn't want to tell him his true nature.
FB: LaCroix is staked while attempting to feed on a dying soldier. He asks Nick to remove the stake.

Sons of Belial
Sons of Belial A woman drives her car off of a bridge. While investigating, Nick goes to see an exorcist and becomes possessed by a demon. He asks LaCroix for help.
FB: Nick and LaCroix are imprisoned during the Spanish Inquisition.

Strings All the people close to a burned out rock singer are being killed. She is under the care of a therapist who uses controversial methods of treatment. Tracy's father pulls some strings of his own to get her transferred to Corporate Crime.
FB: Rasputin is a vampire in pre-revolutionary Russia. He has convinced the Tsarina that only he can cure her son who has an undisclosed ailment. Nick stakes Rasputin and frees them from his influence.

FEVER A lab rat used in experimental AIDS research escapes when a doctor is murdered. A deadly, highly contagious illness sweeps through the vampire community.
FB: During the plague, LaCroix and Nick bring a doctor across. The doctor is not discreet and suspicion is aroused.

Dead of Night
Dead of Night A death occurs in an old house. When they go to investigate, Nick, Natalie, and Tracy are confronted by ghosts from their past.
FB: Nick marries Alyssa and promises her that they will be together forever. His attempt to bring her across on their wedding night meets with failure.

Games Vampires Play
Games Vampires Play A video game programmer is killed. Nick thinks that the killer is leaving him clues while he is playing the game. Tracy and Reese are not on board with him.
FB: No FB. Nick is a player in the video game, letting the vampire run loose.

The Human Factor
Human Factor A fire investigator from Montreal is murdered and the composite looks familiar to Nick. Janette comes to Nick's loft to ask him to help her then gives him some disturbing news.
FB: Janette moves to Montreal, meets a firefighter, and falls in love with him.

Avenging Angel
Avenging Angel A woman is killed while visiting her daughter at a safe house for battered women. The daughter accuses her father, who has a history of abusing his wife and daughter, as the killer. Tracy's mother comes to visit. Tracy discovers that she has been drinking and gets upset.
FB: Nick and LaCroix are at a cock fight when they see a man beating his concubine. Nick warns the man that he will be killed if he hits her again.

Fallen Idol
Fallen Idol A wrestler is killed and the only witness may be a young brain-damaged man. Natalie and Nick assume protective custody of the young man and Natalie tries to improve his brain functioning by giving him an injection of Nick's blood. He becomes violent.
FB: Nick assumes custody of his nephew after Fleur dies. LaCroix comes to visit and takes the boy to see Nick actively enjoying his pit of pleasure.

Jane Doe
Jane Doe A white supremacist turned novelist has been released from prison. He and Reese have history, and Reese believes that the writer is responsible for several unsolved murders.
FB: Nick and LaCroix meet Hitler on a train. LaCroix wants to make him a vampire, but Nicholas cautions against amplifying his evil.

Ashes to Ashes
Ashes to Ashes LaCroix's daughter and master, Divia, returns to take revenge on him for leaving her imprisoned for almost 2000 years. She wants to destroy everything and everyone close to LaCroix, including Nick.
FB: LaCroix and Divia meet 20 years after the eruption at Pompeii. Divia discloses that she has killed her master and now she wants to experience all forbidden pleasures.

Due to lack of communication among TPTB, this episode features Javier Vachon, who was killed by Divia in the previous episode, Ashes to Ashes. For that reason, the order should be reversed when broadcast.
Francesca Someone is killing artistic people and drinking their blood. Nick recognizes the MO as that of someone he met and killed centuries ago. A therapist is concerned about the things one of her patients is telling her and contacts the police.
FB: Nick and LaCroix travel to a chateau where one of LaCroix's children lives. She and Nick are attracted to each other.

Last Knight
Last Knight A psychiatrist friend of Natalie's commits suicide, leaving a warning to Natalie. LaCroix decides that it is time to move on and invites Nick to join him. A prisoner takes an officer's gun and escapes to the locker room. Natalie convinces Nick to try "Janette's cure" with tragic results.

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